Monitoring API

As a magnetodb user I need to know how much data I have in table. As a magnetodb administrator I need to know now much space is used with user’s table. As a accountant department I need to know how big user’s table is in order to create a bill.

Monitoring API metric list

Name Description
Size Represents the total of the space used by table in bytes.
Item Count Represents count of items in table.


All metrics for all tables in all projects:


All metrics for all tables in specified project:


All metrics for specified table:


One metric for specified table:

http://{host}:8480/v1/monitoring/projects/{project_id}/ tables/table_name?metrics=size

Few metrics for specified table:

http://{host}:8480/v1/monitoring/projects/{project_id}/ tables/table_name?metrics=size,item_count